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IFI 5500 10kHz to 1GHz, 10W Wideband Amplifier
Ifi M402 10kHz-220MHz 100W RF Amplifier
IFI M404 10kHz-220MHz 500W RF Amplifier
Ifi M406 10kHz-220MHz 1000W RF Amplifier
IFI M5480 200MHz-1GHz 100W RF Amplifier
IFI PM5580 10KHz-1GHz Amplifier 100W
IFI S41-50 0.8-4.2GHz 50W RF Amplifier
Ifi S61-50 1GHz To 6GHz 50W RF Amplifier
IFI SMCC1000 200MHz To 1GHz 1000W RF Amplifier
IFI SMX-100 0.01-1GHz 100W RF Amplifier
Ifi SMX-25 10kHz To 1GHz Broadband Amplifier
IFI SMX-25 10KHz-1GHz Broadband Amplifier
Ifi ST181-20 1-18GHz 20W Amplifier
Ifi T184-25 4-18GHz 25W Amplifier
ILX-Lightwave 79800D/315C2 Fibre Optic Source Module
ILX Lightwave FOM-7900B 8 Module Mainframe
ILX Lightwave LDC-3916 16-channel Modular Laser Diode Controller
Ilx Lightwave LDC-3916374 1A/9W Control Module
Innovationszentrum IZT S1000 Signal Generator
Innovationszentrum IZT S1010 Signal Generator
Innovationszentrum IZT S2000 Signal Generator (sirius / Xm / Dvbt/h / Hd Radio)
Instek APS-9301 AC Power Source 300VA 300V 2.6A
Instek APS-9501 AC Power Source 500VA 300V 4.2A
Instek GPT-12004 200VA AC/DC/ir/gb Electrical Safety Analyzer
Instek PSW 800-1.44 800V 1.44A 360W DC Power Supply
Instek PSW 800-4.32 800V 4.32A 1080W DC Power Supply
Instek SPS1820 18V 20A DC Power Supply
Iotech DIGITAL 488/80A Digital IO Interface
Isotech GFG-2020 20MHz Function Generator
Isotech IDS-710 2 Channel 150MHz Digital Oscilloscope
Isotech IPS3202 Triple Output DC PSU Dual 32V / 2A + 6V 5A
Isotech LCR-819 100kHz LCR Meter


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