Saunders / Schaffner / Schloder / Schlumberger / Schwarzbeck / Sefelec / Sefram / Shibasoku / Signal-Core / Signal-Recovery / Signametrics / Snell-Wilcox / Solar / Solartron / Sony / Sorensen / Spanawave / Spectracom / Spellman / SRS / Stanford-Research / Sunrise-Telecom / Symmetricom /
Saunders 250B-1 15 KHz to 220 MHz PC Network Analyzer
Schaffner BEST EMC Conducted Immunity Test System
Schaffner BEST PLUS Conducted Immunity Test System
Schaffner CBA 9426 80MHz - 1GHz 50W RF Amplifier
Schaffner CDN M2 2 Line Coupling / Decoupling Network
Schaffner CDN T8 150kHz To 80MHz Coupling / Decoupling Network
Schaffner CDN117 Data Line Coupling/decoupling Network
Schaffner CDN131 1 Phase Coupling Network
Schaffner CDN163 3 Phase Coupling Network
Schaffner NSG 3040 Fast Transient / Surge Generator / Power Quality
Schaffner NSG1003 Dropout & Variation Simulator
Schaffner NSG1025 Fast Transient/Burst Generator
Schaffner NSG2025-1 Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Generator 4.4kV 16A
Schaffner NSG2025-3 Single Phase Fast Transient/burst Generator
Schaffner NSG2025-4 Three Phase Fast Transient/Burst Generator
Schaffner NSG2025-5 Single Phase Fast Transient / Burst Generator 4.4KV 500KHz 16A
Schaffner NSG2025-7 Single Phase Fast Transient/Burst Generator 8kV 30A
Schaffner NSG2025-8 3 Phase Fast Transient / Burst Gen 8KV 30A 500kHz
Schaffner NSG203A Mains Failure Plug-in
Schaffner NSG2050 Fast Transient/burst Generator
Schaffner NSG2070 Conducted Immunity Test System
Schaffner NSG222A Pulse Interference Simulator Plug In
Schaffner NSG225A Burst Simulator Plug In
Schaffner NSG3025 Burst Generator
Schaffner NSG3040 Immunity Test Multifunction Generator
Schaffner NSG332 Coupling Clamp
Schloder SESD200 ESD Simulator (9kV Contact / 16.5kV Air)
Schloder SESD216 ESD Simulator (10kV Contact / 16.5kV Air)
Schloder SESD230 ESD Simulator (30KV Contact / 30KV Air)
Schlumberger 1250 Frequency Response Analyser
Schlumberger 12501 Sychroniser For 1250 Analyser
Schlumberger 1254 Frequency Response Analyser 4 Channel
Schlumberger 4002 2.16GHz Signal Generator
Schlumberger 4015 1GHz Radio Comms Test Set
Schlumberger 4031 1GHz Radio Comms Test Set
Schlumberger 4031D GSM RF Tester
Schlumberger 4039 1GHz Radio Comms Test Set
Schlumberger 7060 Multimeter
Schlumberger 7061 6.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Schlumberger 7075 Digital Multimeter
Schlumberger 7081 8.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Schlumberger 9021 GSM Radio Comms Test Set
Schlumberger 9201 GSM RF Tester
Schwarzbeck FSME1515 85KHz-30MHz Test Receiver
Schwarzbeck IGUU 2916 EMI Calibration Pulse & Sine Wave Generator
Schwarzbeck NNBM8125 Single Phase 50 OHM 70A
Schwarzbeck NSLK8127 9 kHz-30 MHz Single Phase LISN (50 Ohm, 2 X 16 A)
Sefelec SMG500 5KV AC / 6KV DC Electrical Safety Tester
Sefram GE8115 High Voltage Differential Probe
Shibasoku TG351A Multiformat TV Test Signal Generator
Shibasoku VN32A6 HDTV Video Noise Meter
Signal-Core SC5511A 20 GHz Signal Source With USB/rs-232/spi
Signal-Recovery 5113 DC to 1MHz Low Noise Voltage Preamplifier
Signal Recovery 7265 Dual Phase DSP Lock-in Amplifier
Signal Recovery 7280 Dual Phase, Wide Bandwith DSP Lock-in Amplifier
Signametrics SMX2040 6-1/2 Digit PXI Multimeter
Signametrics SMX2042 6-1/2 Digit PXI Enhanced Multimeter
Signametrics SMX2044 6-1/2 Digit PXI LCR Sourcing Multimeter
Snell-Wilcox TBC11 Timebase Corrector
Snell & Wilcox TPG21 Test Pattern Generator
Solar 2352-1 200W 20Hz To 150kHz Audio Amplifier
Solar 8282-1 Transient Pulse Generator 600V
Solar 8850-1 100kHz High Power Sweep Generator
Schlumberger 1260 32MHz Impedance/Gain Phase Analyser
Solartron 1250 Frequency Response Analyser
Solartron 1250A Frequency Response Analyser
Solartron 1250E Frequency Response Analyser
Solartron 1250N Frequency Response Analyzer (low Output Z)
Solartron 1252A 300kHz LF Frequency Response Analyzer
Solartron 1253 Gain Phase Analyser
Solartron 1254 Frequency Response Analyser
Solartron 1255 Frequency Response Analyser
Solartron 1255A HF Frequency Response Analyser
Solartron 1255B Lf Frequency Response Analyser
Solartron 1270 1mHz To 20kHz VXI Frequency Response Analyzer
Solartron 1286 Electrochemical Interface
Solartron 12861 Test Module For Solartron 1286 And 1287
Solartron 1287 Electrochemical Interface
Solartron 1294A Impedance Interface System
Sony PC208AX 8 Channel DC-20KHz DAT Recorder
Sony PC216AX 16 Channel DAT Recorder
Sony SIR1000 16 Channel 8mm Tape Recorder
Sony SIR1000I 16 Channel 8mm Tape Recorder (ICP Input)
Sony SIR1000W 8 channel 8mm Tape Recorder Wide band
Sorensen DCR300-18A 300V 18A Dc Power Supply
Sorensen DCR300-35A 300V 35A Dc Power Supply
Sorensen DCR3000-.5 3000V 0.5A 1500W DC Power Supply
Sorensen DCR600-1.5B 600V 1.5A DC Power Supply
Sorensen DCS300-3.5 300V 3.5A 1kW DC Power Supply
Sorensen DCS300-3.5E 300V 3.5A 1kW DC Power Supply
Sorensen DCS33-33E 33V 33A 1kW DC Power Supply
Sorensen DCS55-55E 55V 55A 3000W DC Supply + GPIB
Sorensen DCS60-50 60V 50A 2500W DC Supply
Sorensen DCS600-1.5 600V 1.5A 900W DC Power Supply
Sorensen DCS600-1.7E 600V 1.7A 1020W DC Power Supply
Sorensen DCS8-350 8V 350A 2800W DC Supply
Sorensen DCS80-37 80V 37A 2500W DC Supply
Sorensen DHP30-100 30V 100A 3kW DC PSU
Sorensen DHP300-10 300V 10A 3000W DC PSU
Sorensen DHP400-12 400V 12A 4800W DC PSU
Sorensen DLM 300-10E 300V 10A 3KW DC Power Supply
Sorensen DLM 60-50E 60V 50A 3kW DC Power Supply + GPIB
Sorensen DLM 600-5E 600V 5A 3kW DC Power Supply
Sorensen SGA1000X10D 1000V 10A 10kW DC PSU
Sorensen SGA1000X5D 1000V 5A 5kW DC PSU
Sorensen SGA100X100 100V 100A 10kW DC Supply
Sorensen SGA10X400D 10V 400A 4kW DC PSU
Sorensen SGA10X800D 10V 800A 8kW DC PSU
Sorensen SGA15X534D 15V 534A 8kW DC PSU
Spanawave PAS-00023-25 150kHz - 230MHz, 25W
Spanawave PAS-00260-10 20MHz - 6GHz 10W RF Amplifier
Spanawave PAS-02060-10 20MHz to 6GHz RF Amplifier (10W)
Spanawave PAS-08025-200 800MHz - 2.5GHz 200W Power Amplifier
Spanawave PAS-08042-10 800MHz - 4.2GHz 10W RF Amplifier
Spanawave PAS-08042-80 800MHz - 4.2GHz 80W RF Amplifier
Spanawave PAS-20060-20 2-6GHz 20W RF Amplifier
Spectracom GPS-88 GPS Controlled Frequency Standard
Spectracom GPS-89 GPS Controlled Frequency Standard
Spectracom GSG-L1 GPS Signal Generator
Spectracom SECURESYNC Time And Frequency Reference System
Spellman 205B-50R 50KV Reversible 0.3mA DC PSU
Spellman RHR40PN120 40KV Reversible 120W DC PSU
Spellman SL2P1200 2KV 600mA 1200W DC PSU
Spellman SL60PN60 60KV Reversible 1mA 60W DC PSU
SRS 625 FFT Signal Analyser
SRS CG635 Synthesized Clock Generator
SRS DG535 4 Channel Digital Delay And Pulse Generator
SRS DS345 30MHz Function & Arbitrary Waveform Generator
SRS DS360 200KHz Ultra Low Distortion Function Generator
SRS SR510 Single Phase Lock In Amplifier
SRS SR530 Dual Phase Lock In Amplifier
SRS SR570 Low Noise Current Amplifier
SRS SR760 100KHz Single Channel FFT Spectrum Analyser
SRS SR770 100KHz Single Channel FFT Spectrum Analyser
SRS SR810 Single Phase Lock In Amplifier
SRS SR830 DSP Dual Phase Lock In Amplifier
SRS SR850 Digital Dual phase Lock In Amplifier
Stanford-Research DG645 4 Channel Digital Delay And Pulse Generator
Stanford Research DS335 3MHz Function Generator
Stanford Research DS340 Function & Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Stanford Research FS725 Rubidium Frequency Standard
Stanford Research FS735 10 MHz Distribution Amplifier
Stanford Research PRS10 Low Phase Noise 10MHz Rubidium Oscillator
Stanford Research PS325 2.5KV 10mA High Voltage DC Power Supply
Stanford Research SG382 DC to 2GHz Analog Signal Generator
Stanford Research SG384 DC to 4GHz Analog Signal Generator
Stanford Research SG386 DC to 6GHz Analog Signal Generator
Stanford Research SIM900 SIM (Small Instrumentation Modules) Mainframe
Stanford Research SIM960 100kHz Analog PID Controller
Sunrise-Telecom 3010R Sweep / Ingress Analyzer
Sunrise Telecom E20 2MBps Communication Analyser
Sunrise Telecom MMT Communication Analyser
Sunrise Telecom SUNLITE E1 2MB Communications Test Set
Sunrise Telecom SUNSET E10 2MBPS Communication Analyser
Sunrise Telecom SUNSET E20C Communication Analyzer
Sunrise Telecom SUNSET E8 2MBps Communication Analyser
Sunrise Telecom T1 Communication Analyser
Sunrise Telecom XDSL Digital Subscriber Line (dsl) Tester
Symmetricom 58503B GPS Time And Frequency Reference Receiver
Symmetricom 6502B RF Distribution Module
Symmetricom 8040 Rubidium Frequency Standard
Symmetricom EXACTIME 6000 GPS Time & Frequency Generator


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